Elephant Learning Math app for children ages 2-16

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As a second grader mom homeworks getting tougher. Last year I actually work hard with Alin for reading. Since English her is second language it took longer than other kids in her class. Not she’s doing awesome. She loves reading and finishing many books in a week. This year we are both struggling in Math. I always try to help her. The teaching system and curriculums are so different comparing to my school years:) Also I may not as patiant as teachers:) I have been searching and trying educational apps for a long time. Lastly I downloaded @elephantlearningapp and thank god she loved it. It’s nice to see that she’s having fun while learning and practicing Math. It is clear that the developers have an in-depth understanding of how Math should be taught.

Now even my son (3 years old) is keen on this app. Sure he wants to copy whatever my daughter does:) But It’s great way to start learning math for him. Like a personal tutor, this system works quickly to detect what my child understands, and does not understand.  They use that information to provide activities that are proven to teach mathematics quickly and effectively.  That’s why it works perfectly for different ages.

If you are searching an educational apps on Appstore, you should definetly visit this link: https://elephantlearning.com

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