Tips for personalized name stickers and wall decals

Dec 21, 2017 by

I love using stickers to keep the house tidy:) Especially I use the name stickers for all of my daughter’s school supplies (Nutritional bag, water bottle, snacks etc.) Apart from that, it is easier to find the scarves, beanies and gloves from their boxes in the winter months. I wanted to give wall decals a try while I was ordering name stickers for my needs at namebubbles. Since my daughter and son sleep in the same room I did not want to decorate the walls.

I was very excited to receive the wall decals that I’ve ordered for the kid’s room. It was so easy to stick to the wall. The stickers are removable and reusable, therefore I was able to reposition and reapply. Now I’m going to order a rainbow decals for Alin🌈 😊 I also have a %15 discount for you: Don’t forget to use “KOKOSHANNE” when you checkout ❤️

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